When A Family Went To Adopt Kittens They Couldn’t Keep These Three Together Since They Have Such A Lovely Relationship

After being discovered sobbing under a vehicle engine, a lovely black and white kitty was given to Ashley Kelley, a foster care volunteer with Wrenn Rescues. Odahviing, the kitten, was born with a bilateral cleft lip and needed tube feeding for the first two weeks after being rescued.

The kitty swiftly recovered, and as soon as he was able to feed himself, he felt like the luckiest guy alive, and he was unstoppable; Ashley welcomed Attis, a special needs kitty, a few weeks later.

Attis suffers from cerebellar hypoplasia, which makes him wobble a bit; besides he is blind, but he doesn’t let anything stop him and he knows how to move around the house surprisingly using his other senses.

Ashley told “He tracks everything impressively by hearing and feeling vibrations using his whiskers. If you didn’t know that he is blind, you wouldn’t easily know. He moves surprisingly well, running and jumping with all the precision of any kitten his age.”

When this brave kid was ready to meet Odahviing, the two felines got along like siblings. These kittens shared a remarkable affinity and spent all of their time together, despite coming from separate moms.

Little Attis cuddled close to his dearest companion and purred softly to sleep. His new brother’s presence made him more confident in himself, and his blindness had no effect on him.

Shortly thereafter, a charming kitten named Matilda Beans joined the gang; she came to Ashley’s hands to be treated with intensive care.

Ashley tells:

“She was part of a litter that came in with an upper respiratory infection, but because she was the runt, it hit her really hard.”

While Matilda’s siblings healed, she struggled with a variety of health issues that hampered her growth.

As Ashley put it,

“It took him a month of constant oxygen, many nebulizer treatments per day, extremely powerful antibiotics, eye drops, and nose drops to recover, but he was strong-willed and determined to survive, so he did.” He never came to a halt or let me ponder if he was hurt. He’d wake up eager to eat and live for every meal, and he’d break my knuckles for giving him medicine.”

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