The Ultimate Showdown: Balvin Provokes ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson, Fuming Over Balvin’s Humming of an Extremely Famous Song

Mike Tyson found himself at the receiving end of a lighthearted jab from none other than Colombian singer J Balvin. The Latino star recently made an appearance on Tyson’s podcast where he was introduced in a surprising manner that certainly caught him a little off guard.

In the recent episode of Hotboxin’ podcast, Tyson introduces Balvin as the guest of the show. However, this was not all as he then began to hum one of his hit songs which might strike a nerve with the pop star.

Balvin would then proceed to even make fun of the former champion as he told Tyson that he was better at boxing. “You Better at boxing bro,” said Balvin. Despite this, Tyson felt that he did a good job while humming the hit song. “Hey leave me alone I think I sound great,” he said.

While Tyson thought he did a great job, Balvin felt that the singing should be left to him. However, this might also have to do something with the Latino star releasing the majority of his songs in Spanish. He even revealed why he chose not to transition to English staying true to his heritage.

The Mi-Gente hitmaker was asked by co-host DJ Whoo-Kid why he wrote all of his songs in Spanish who then revealed the reason. He claimed that although a lot of Latino artists were crossing over to reach wider audiences, he did not feel comfortable straying away from his roots.

“Since I started, a lot of the Latino artists wanted to cross over. They used to do the same song in English, to conquer more different types of people to listen to it. And I was like, it doesn’t make any sense, because this is who I am, like this is my language, this is Spanish, you know, and I’m not gonna do that because I don’t feel comfortable doing it,” he said.

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