The Rock was once asked not to mention his wrestling background – Does it have any effect and specific reasons?

In a recent interview, muscular star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared about the difficult days when he first started his career in Hollywood.

Recently, Vanity Fair  magazine  published a video interview with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. In the interview, the muscular star opened up about her current life as well as the difficulties when she first set foot in Hollywood. He went through many difficulties before being accepted as part of the world cinema capital.

I used to be self-conscious about my appearance

When the reporter asked if the muscular star ever had low self-esteem, Dwayne Johnson recalled two stories, when he was a boxer and when he first moved to Hollywood. The actor said he was once asked to lose weight and lose muscle to have more acting opportunities.

The image of The Rock in the movie Scorpion King (2002) – the work that marked his transition from wrestling to the big screen. Photo: IMDb.The image of The Rock in the movie Scorpion King (2002) – the work that marked his transition from wrestling to the big screen. Photo: IMDb.


“In my life, I had two moments of least confidence in myself. The first was when I started my professional wrestling career. At that time, I was told that just smiling was not enough. You always have to be happy every time you appear in public, you have to be happy with every opportunity that comes your way,” said The Rock.

“I can’t express my true feelings. Back then, I always had to try to be serious and polite at all times when living in the world of professional wrestling. I have become a different person from my true self,” he said.

The Rock continues to share about the difficult days in Hollywood. “The second time I had low self-esteem was when I made up my mind to pursue an acting career and moved to Hollywood. That was probably around the mid-2000s, when I’d bag a few roles. I was asked to lose weight, change my habits and diet, limit going to the gym… I had to do everything to make my body smaller,” the actor said.

“I was also not mentioned by the name The Rock. In front of employers and the media, I was told by all means to avoid mentioning or mentioning my past profession. But the truth is, I myself am very proud of my professional wrestling background,” continued Johnson.

Succeed in being yourself

The star of  Scorpion King  (2002), the Fast & Furious franchise  ,  Jumanji  and the upcoming  Black Adam , shared that at a new time in his career, he was lost in the middle of Hollywood, having to fend for himself to get where he is today.

“At that time, there was no precedent for a side actor with black and Samoan blood like me. I only know how to judge the situation, think and act as I am.”

Image of The Rock on the set of superhero blockbuster Black Adam. Photo: TheRock.Image of The Rock on the set of superhero blockbuster Black Adam. Photo: TheRock.

“You can’t be too big, you can’t work out, you can’t use the name The Rock. And don’t try to mention the past as a professional wrestler,” the muscular star summarized his situation at that time. But it was the confusion about identity that helped The Rock clear in thought. Difficulties encouraged him to accept his true identity.

“In that situation, there will be times when you will be discouraged like I was. Then an event occurs that makes you realize you have two choices. Just listen to others and sooner or later your life will go downhill. You feel yourself miserable, and your career is dead, without a mark. Or do the opposite, protest, live as yourself and be ready to receive the results afterwards, “The Rock continued.

The star confided that in both situations, I wisely recognized the path to take. The moment of self-awareness changed the course of The Rock’s career, both as a professional fighter and as a Hollywood actor.

“Both industries accept me for who I am,” he said. They give me the chance to be myself. And that was the moment the landscape changed.”

Today, The Rock has become a leading name in Hollywood with millions of global fans. He is also a talented businessman when running many businesses in parallel.

“I’m obsessed with building things from scratch. I’m passionate about building brands and businesses. I aspire to be a great father who never disappoints his children. These are the things I focus on pursuing in life,” shared The Rock.

Source: vnmedia.vn

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