The Rock: The Hollywood giant and the amazing ‘small’ moments in front of his wife and children

Dubbed a “giant” with a muscular body, muscular shoulders, but The Rock always shows tenderness and affection when standing in front of his wife and young daughter.

Prisoner loved by strong woman

Born in 1972 in an unhappy family when his father had an affair, often had to travel far from home to earn money, but Dwayne Johnson – The Rock was raised by a strong and loving mother.

At the age of 14, when his mother and son’s home in Honolulu was foreclosed on the family debt, The Rock joined a group of thieves, often stealing valuables from tourists swimming in the beach or in crowded neighborhoods. People.

The path of sin caused The Rock to be expelled from school, released from prison 8-9 times before the age of 17. Even so, Mrs. Ata Johnson – his biological mother – has never rejected or abandoned her son.

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The Rock and his mother – Mrs. Ata Johnson.

Whether it’s poverty, debt or when her son becomes a dusty man, in prison, mother always opens her arms to welcome him back.

Perhaps, the years of being raised by that kind, strong mother have formed in The Rock a love, tenderness and respect for the women around him. Therefore, despite breaking up with his ex-wife – film producer Dany Garcia, the two still maintain a friendship and are not afraid to work together in business.

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Actor with his first wife and daughter Simone Johnson.

After their first marriage broke down, The Rock decided to remarry Lauren Hashian after 13 years of dating. The actor shared : “Divorce is like a wound to me. I’m not afraid to get married again, but I’m a little hesitant. Lauren waited patiently. She said: I love you and you love me. We’re having a great life together – there’s no rush.”

Married for the second time and enjoys a happy life in a new home, but The Rock has not forgotten its responsibilities with their first daughter, Simone Johnson.

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Simone Johnson was passed on by her father to a love of wrestling. She watched her father and grandfather compete from an early age and decided to become a WWE wrestler at the age of 18.

Feeling happy when her daughter followed the family’s brilliant wrestling career, The Rock posted on her personal page a picture of her holding her daughter in her arms and expressing her feelings: “Dream is only for those who always Congratulations to my eldest daughter – Simone Johnson has officially signed a wrestling contract with WWE and is on her way to becoming the first fourth-generation WWE fighter.

While carrying the family name proudly, remember that your child’s path will have to be self-made, self-effortable, and self-owning. I’m so proud, let’s live your dream and work hard .”

This is also enough to show the attachment, love and pride the two actors have for each other.

The gentle father, the model husband of the family

When having children with his second wife, The Rock also surprised the public many times when he let himself become “small”, nestled in front of his wife and two daughters. That closure is not because he is afraid or worried about anything, but it all comes from the love, care and pampering of his wife and children.

In 2015, when Lauren Hashian gave birth to daughter Jasmine for The Rock, he was always by his wife’s side day and night, kneeling on the floor to feed his wife, holding her hand in the delivery room and repeatedly thanking her. her in every interview.

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The photo of the famous Hollywood “giant” hugging his baby daughter in his arms has caused a fever in social networks for a while. Behind that tall, strong man is a strangely gentle heart.

Sharing about the moment when his wife gave birth, The Rock was sweet: “I was with my wife when she gave birth, holding her hand to help her breathe through each painful contraction. Then I was still there directly looking at her. When she gave birth to a baby, I cut the baby’s umbilical cord and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

It’s wondrous! Trust me because I’ve come across this path. When you’re with the woman who gave birth to you, and go through tough times like walking through a sea of ​​fire, there are things that will keep you from going the wrong way.”

The Rock: Hollywood giants and surprised little moments in front of their wives and children-5The Rock: Hollywood giants and surprised little moments in front of their wives and children-6

That magical moment suddenly made The Rock realize many important things in life, he realized that he needed to become a better man, a better father to his children.

“Christmas is coming soon! Just a few minutes ago you were still in my mother’s womb, now you are lying on my chest. This grace has made me a whole new person.

It seems crazy, but when I press my cool skin against Jasmine, I have only one wish, and that is to give me the strength to be a better man today than I was yesterday. .

I will take steps to realize my dream of becoming a great father. I just want to remind that ‘becoming better’ will never be a wrong goal of any young man who will be a father one day,” the actor shared.

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The Rock: Hollywood giants and surprised little moments in front of their wives and children-8

The Rock’s happy moments with his wife and children.

In April 2018, Lauren Hashian gave birth to her second daughter, Tiana Gia Johnson. The 48-year-old star continued to move the public by confiding, “Being a father is the biggest job I’ve ever done. When I hold my little daughter in my arms, I always tell myself to take good care of her. baby for the rest of her life.”

Always wishing to become a better father, it is not difficult to see moments of The Rock gently playing with his children, talking with his children, teaching him to swim or even being sulked and “bullied” by his children. .

The actor’s personal page is always filled with sweet photos with his wife and children. He was happy to be the only man in the family, single-handedly taking care of and protecting his wife and daughters.

“My whole life I was raised and surrounded by wonderful women,” The Rock proudly shared of the women around him.

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