Stirred by the “truth” about the world’s blackest baby


In recent days, the online community has been stirred up by the picture of the “blackest” African baby in the world. With a feeling of surprise and excitement, many people shared this photo and made enthusiastic comments on famous forums and social networks.

When the controversy was not over, Rachfeed argued that this baby was just a doll: “Look closely, you can see that the entire baby’s eyes are completely black. The white light in the baby’s eyes. the eyes are just the reflection of the light, there is no white at all. How can a real baby have such eyes. This is a doll, not a child.”

The “war” of the world’s blackest South African baby, whether it’s real or fake, has broken out on the world’s online community, followed by dozens of famous entertainment news sites. Pages liveleak, hopefornigeriaonline… also analyze that this is just a doll, not a human. Even on ebay and amazon online shopping sites, there are “South African babies” for sale like the picture that is causing a fever on the internet. It has an additional version of a monkey doll with the name OOAK Baby Orangutan Monke, priced from 99-150 USD (about 2.1 – 3.5 million VND) a child.

This product is advertised as a hand-crafted art doll, with a length of 20-40cm, a weight of about 1.1kg and made from rubber material very similar to real leather.



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