Naomi Campbell’s Coastal Retreat: Inside the Serene Villa in Malindi, Kenya, Where the Supermodel Finds Tranquility and Inspiration

Over the span of her extraordinary 35-year career, supermodel and new mother Naomi Campbell has defied conventions, dominated runways, and graced numerous magazine covers. Despite her demanding schedule, she remains passionate about her work and finds joy in it.

However, even icons like Campbell need their moments of relaxation. And when it’s time to truly unwind, she retreats to her villa in Malindi, a serene coastal village in Kenya. For over two decades, she has made this beautiful home, overlooking the Indian Ocean, her primary sanctuary away from the bustling pace of her adopted city, New York, and her hometown of London. The villa perfectly embodies the concept of indoor-outdoor living.

The spacious interior, adorned with warm earth tones and bathed in natural light, exudes an air of casual opulence. Campbell describes it as a “very calming place.” In fact, she suggests avoiding phone conversations and not even bothering with a TV. Here, the focus is on unwinding through reading, enveloped by the peaceful ambiance of chirping crickets and complete silence.

For a refreshing morning dip, one can simply step from the living room into the saltwater pool that extends outside. And when entertaining guests, Campbell opts for family-style dinners beneath twin voile-curtained pergolas.

The supermodel draws particular inspiration from the makuti thatched roof and towering cathedral ceilings constructed from sun-dried coconut palm leaves. She explains that makuti roofs, hand-sewn using an intricate layering technique, have been a traditional building material in East Africa for thousands of years.

Proudly, Campbell states, “We’ve had this roof for at least 12 years, and it’s still in excellent condition.” In a place where air, wind, and sea salt can quickly degrade structures, it is truly remarkable how well it has endured, resembling a work of art in itself, according to the author.

Moroccan and Egyptian latika lamps, grand and dazzling, hang from the rafters, adding to the villa’s allure. While Campbell enjoys shopping for furniture across various African destinations, she has found the greatest success in Marrakech and Cairo.

Interestingly, Campbell doesn’t have to venture far to find exceptional woodwork. She proudly shares, “A lot of the wood furniture we have in the house is made right here in Malindi.” In fact, there is a workshop located at the back of the house, further highlighting the local craftsmanship and artistry.

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