Less Than a Week After Disclosing Battle With Depression, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Chooses to ‘Treat’ Himself in the Simplest Manner

Dwayne Johnson earned a highly desirable, glamorous career in different industries, such as acting, wrestling, business, etc. But people admire him more because of the highly positive and hopeful vibe he brings to the table. The Brahma Bull has never shied to come up with his unique thoughts and ideas to motivate the people that surround him.

Those who follow the former world champion on his social media handles know Dwayne’s philosophy of life, how he views things in his life and beyond, and most importantly, he copes with the outer world on a daily basis.

The routine bounded, busiest life of a superstar is more prone to miss out on the simple pleasures of life, such as having a cute breakfast on a good sunny day, playing with the pets on the balcony, and many more. But the multi-talented Hollywood heartthrob is not one of them. He often has his quality time beyond the spotlight with his near and dear ones or himself. Be it pampering the children or pampering his tummy in the funniest way possible, The Rock never holds back.

His latest Instagram post shows DJ making a mouth-watering pancake in the shape of his iconic eyebrow-raised face. With an infectious smile on his face, the star tasted it and seemed to be elated in a second.

However, underneath this wise, fun-loving, carefree nature, DJ has another layer to his nature that recently came to light.

Depression is a very complex word. It creeps into someone’s mind regardless of their status, fame, money, or anything. There are a lot of celebrities who survived a ton of depressive episodes in their seemingly fairytale-like lives. But it’s hard to believe that this list of celebrities includes worth $800M Hollywood hunk Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

During the latest episode of The Pivot Podcast, DJ shared his battle with mental health for the very first time, getting out of his usual happy-go-lucky persona. The Jumanji actor admitted being at his lowest during his divorce phase with his first wife, Danna Garcia, in 2017. Although, it was not new for him as he underwent a similar situation during his college days at Miami University. The 50-year-old shared a part of these interviews on Instagram.

DJ urged everyone to take good care of their mental health, make it a priority, and seek help whenever necessary.

It’s not going very well for Johnson career-wise as of late as he has been facing several setbacks and controversies back to back. He got kicked out from some top franchises amid some altercations. Moreover, he’s fighting a $3 billion lawsuit against a serious kidnapping charge.

However, we hope he will survive this challenging phase with grace and bounce back stronger.

Source: essentiallysports.com

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