Kitten is So Small that He Wears a Guinea Pig Cone After Getting His Leg Fixed

Kitten is So Small that He Wears a Guinea Pig Cone After Getting His Leg Fixed

A ginger kitten named Finnegan (aka Finn) had a rough start to life. Thanks to the bravery of a Good Samaritan, he was rescued from an attack by another animal and brought to safety.

“Finn was lucky to be alive, but did not escape unscathed. His front right leg was severely broken. The finders took him in, made a makeshift splint and started reaching out to rescues for help,” Caroline Grace, founder of Baby Kitten Rescue, shared with Love Meow.

“When we were contacted about Finn, we immediately agreed to take him into our care.”

He was rescued with a broken leg@babykittenrescue

Finn was rushed to an animal hospital straight away. X-rays revealed that his humerus bone was broken in half. The next day, Dr. Jacobo at Primary Care Animal Hospital performed emergency surgery to repair his leg.

“Despite Finn only being 3.5 weeks old and 0.6 lb, Dr. Jacobo successfully operated on Finn and pinned his broken leg back together.”


An external fixator was attached to hold the pins in place (the pins will be removed when he’s healed). The day after Finn was discharged, he was back on his feet and even tried to play.

“We were amazed by how strong and resilient he was after this surgery. He healed so smoothly and within a week was using his leg again.”

Finn had surgery to repair his leg. He came home with a tiny cone@babykittenrescue

Finn may be tiny but has a fierce attitude. He is always in good spirits and doesn’t let anything stop him from having fun.

When he came home from a follow-up vet visit, his new cone was a bit too large, so they began to look at other options, in search for the perfect cone.

His new cone was too big, so they started trying other options@babykittenrescue

They tried the smallest cat cone that would be comfortable. Despite it being almost as big as the kitten, Finn never complained. He continued to play and then used the cone as his pillow when he napped.

Even when the cones were over-sized or cumbersome, he was unperturbed.


“Because he is so tiny, we struggled to find a cone that fit him. The hospital custom-made his first tiny cone, but the cone they made for him at his recheck was too big.”

After a bit of research, they found the perfect solution. “We got him guinea pig cones, which worked perfectly.”

They found some guinea pig cones and they fit perfectly@babykittenrescue

As soon as he put on his new elizabethan collar, he started playing with youthful exuberance. He rolled around on Caroline’s lap and even tried to “help” her with her phone.

Finn tried to play with Caroline’s phone@babykittenrescue

“Finn has not let anything slow him down or hold him back. He is the sweetest, most playful, happiest little kitten despite the trauma he’s endured, the pins in his leg and the cone he has to wear,” Caroline told Love Meow.

The ginger boy is always so full of life and joy.

Finn rocking his perfectly fit cone@babykittenrescue

Finn adores the company of the resident cat, Chester, and doesn’t seem to have a pause button when he plays.

As he was strong and well enough to socialize, recently, he was introduced to another foster kitten, Frankie, to have supervised playtime together.


Frankie was found with paralyzed back legs. With a second chance, he can now do almost anything just like other cats.

Even though Finn was smaller, he was brave and inquisitive at their first meeting. He followed Frankie around the house and even showed him what he could do with toys.

Finn and Frankie@babykittenrescue

“It’s so sweet to watch them discover each other and start to develop a friendship.”

Finn is so tiny that he wears guinea pig cones, but so mighty in spirits that he believes he can do anything.


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