Justin Bieber adds a new Lamborghini Aventador S to his garage in the latest colors

Male musician Justin Bieber purchased a vivid red Lamborghini Aventador S after purchasing a Le Mans blue model.

Naturally, Justin Bieber enjoys purchasing exotic automobiles like Ferrari or Lamborghini as a young, wealthy male musician. The Canadian-born artist has been steadily adding new vehicles to his impressive collection over the years, including the Lamborghini Aventador S in Le Mans blue and the Liberty Walk-customized Ferrari 458 Italia.

It appears that even having a Lamborghini Aventador S supercar won’t satisfy Baby’s voice. Justin Bieber just made the decision to рᴜгchase a second Lamborghini Aventador S supercar. On Saturday, June 30, this dazzling red supercar was transported to the Laguna Beach, California hotel where Justin Bieber is staying.

When displaying his new Lamborghini Aventador S on Snapchat, the 24-year-old musician referred to it as his “baby.” The Love Yourself singer reportedly received the key and went right into the Lamborghini Aventador S to take a test drive. To take shots of Justin Bieber’s new Ferrari, several onlookers had to pause.

Red paint and “tone cardboard” brake ꜱҺаcƙℓеs are features of Justin Bieber’s Lamborghini Aventador S. Black rims and noticeable white rim tires stand out in contrast to the exterior clothing.

The Lamborghini Aventador S starts at 402,995 UՏD on the US market. Customers who spend this money will obtain a supercar with a naturally aspirated V12 engine with a 6.5-liter capacity and a maximum output of 740 horsepower, which is 40 more horsepower than the Aventador LP700-4. The maximum torque, which is still 690 Nm at 5,500 rpm, is unchanged.

An ISR 7-speed gearbox delivers power to both bridges. This allows the Lamborghini Aventador S LP740-4 to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 2.9 seconds and to a top speed of 350 kilometers per hour.

The “assorted” Pirelli P Zero tires on the Lamborghini Aventador S are another brand-new feature. These tires boost traction and braking capability while enhancing handling. The Lamborghini Aventador S LP740-4 can slow down from 100 km/h to a stopped position over a distance of 31 meters thanks to its standard carbon-ceramic brakes.

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