Inside Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian’s Blissful Hawaiian Babymoon

Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s pregnancy has everyone swooning with delight since her announcement at her beloved’s concert. The Kardashians star has since then been quite open with her pregnancy journey along with her husband Travis Barker. She often shares heartwarming pictures of herself flaunting her baby bump, recording the incredible journey of motherhood.

Recently, the mother of three has been on a relaxing babymoon before her little one arrives in the tropical city of Kauai, Hawaii. Kourtney has a motherly glow in all her vacation pictures. Her recent carousel on Instagram in a stunning black ʙικιɴι has fans awestruck, per PageSix.

Kourtney shared a carousel of images featuring precious moments from her vacation. This first image included the reality star sunbathing by the sandy shores of a beach. Besides her striking ʙικιɴι with a cutout, a highlight of Kourtney’s outfit was her ‘Prada’ sunhat, its dark hue matching Kourtney’s Bikini. The soon-to-be mother appeared to be basking in the sun atop a green and white pinstripe beach towel with her respective supplies in a black bag beside her.

The second picture featured Kourtney lazily floating on emerald green waters with sunlight beaming over the calm waves. Kourtney appeared to be enraptured with the peaceful trance amid the feeling of being nearly weightless in the water. She sported black sunglᴀsses and had a graceful smile on her face while she was afloat. Fluff clouds in the clear blue skies followed by what appears to be a luxe resort added to the serene aura of the place.

The jet-black ʙικιɴι wasn’t the only swimsuit that fans were seen raving over in the comment section of her post. At the end of the carousel, Kourtney flaunted a classic leopard-print ʙικιɴι which she paired with a basic white shirt with a collar and full sleeves. The reality star flaunted her baby bump as she lay on her side this time with the tropics in her background. The carousel also featured pH๏τos from her visit to a local shaved ice shop and a brief video of her 11-year-old daughter Penelope learning how to surf the waves.

Other images in the carousel included Kourtney enjoying a delish-looking bowl of food that was paired with some freshly cut bananas and cream. She seems to have also indulged in what appears to be tea tasting among other experiences that she highlights in the carousel.

Fans were in utter delight in watching the 44-year-old enjoy her alone time before she gets busy with her newborn alongside her husband Travis Barker. Her lovely carousel even earned praise from fellow mother, Gigi Hadid who expressed her happiness in the comment section of her post. “So happy for you mommy,” declared Hadid.

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