Former Outdoor Cat Finally Finds Home and Gives Birth to Kittens Soon After Arrival

A cat who had spent years in the outdoors, finally set foot inside a home. She had kittens immediately after moving in.

Lucy the cat@emiliexfosters

About two weeks ago, Emilie Rackovan, animal rescuer and foster carer, was apprised of a very pregnant cat named Lucy desperately needing help.

“She had been living outside as a stray at an apartment complex for years and was covered in scrapes and scratches,” Emilie shared with Love Meow. Upon arrival, Emilie noticed that the cat was going into labor.

A birth box was set up for the expectant mom with blankets at her disposal. Lucy seemed very pleased with her living arrangements. She snuggled up to Emilie as if to thank her for opening her home to her.

She was finally off the streets after having lived outside for years@emiliexfosters

Shortly after, Lucy gave birth to four kittens (two boys and two girls). Just when Emilie thought that the delivery had concluded, she was in for quite the surprise.

After weighing each kitten, Emilie left the mom to tend to her babies. She checked on them periodically through a camera. At some point, she spotted something unusual.

She was in labor when she arrived in her foster home@emiliexfosters

“There was a bunch of movement by her tail, but I could see that all of the four kittens were accounted for. I went to investigate and was stunned by what I found.”

Two kittens were stuck and struggling to make their way out. Emilie immediately gathered herself and began assisting Lucy in delivering the babies.

Lucy gave birth to four kittens then surprised Emilie with more@emiliexfosters

“Thankfully, they were unharmed and Lucy seemed grateful for the help.”

Convinced that Lucy was finished, Emilie left once again only to return to a seventh kitten a few minutes later. “After a few hours, I was confident that she was done, and thank goodness I was right.”

Emilie came back to find a seventh baby@emiliexfosters

One of the kittens sadly didn’t make it likely due to a congenital defect. The rest of the litter was able to nurse right away and quickly started to thrive.

“While it was a huge loss, it’s not uncommon in large litters. That’s why spaying and neutering is so important,” Emilie added.


Lucy dove right into mommy duties, nursing the younglings, keeping them clean, warm and adored, day in and day out.

Emilie makes sure that the mom is well cared for, comfortable and loved. Feeding six hungry mouths is no easy feat. Emilie monitors the weights of the kittens closely to ensure steady growth for all the babies.

Lucy is so happy to have a safe place to raise her kittens@emiliexfosters

Lucy is so content with a roof over her head and all the food she can devour. She purrs nonstop in the nest, stretching her toes in the air with her precious six nursing away in comfort. She painstakingly caters to their every whim.

The kittens are opening their eyes this week, and some of them have also found their sass. Despite being just pint-sized, their cattitude is displayed in full force.

The kittens have found their sass@emiliexfosters

They will hiss and spit at unfamiliar scents as their first defense. “This is why it’s so important to start socializing them young, so they can learn that humans are friends, not foe.”

Lucy is relieved to have her foster mom babysit her kittens while she steps away for a quick break to stretch and replenish.


After years braving the streets and trying to survive, Lucy will never have to worry about food and shelter.

When she finishes raising her last litter, she will happily retire from motherhood and find that special someone who will cherish her for life.


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