Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Criticized John Cena as “Overconfident” During Their Iconic Real-Life Rivalry

The real-life heat between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and John Cena has been creating a buzz on the internet. The tension between them dates back to 2011 when The Rock made his return to the wrestling business after pursuing a successful career in Hollywood. However, at that time, John Cena was the torchbearer of the promotion. While professional wrestling is primarily driven by storylines, things took a real turn between the two when John Cena publicly called out The Rock for allegedly using promos notes written on his wrist during a segment.

The clash between these megastars from two different eras eventually culminated in a highly anticipated match at the Grandest Stage of Them All, which was billed as a “Once-in-a-lifetime” encounter. Prior to the match, The Rock harbored genuine animosity towards the sixteen-time World Champion, John Cena.

In an old footage showcased in the A&E WWE Rivals documentary, the tension between The Rock and John Cena is evident and palpable. The Brahma Bull openly despised John Cena, going as far as calling him an “idiot” with excessive “confidence.”

During a promo, John Cena had made things personal by questioning The Rock’s loyalty to the wrestling industry. In the A&E WWE Rivals documentary, The Rock can be seen mouthing off about John Cena, calling him an “idiot” and expressing his desire to deliver a powerful kick with his size 15 boot to John Cena’s rear end.

The Rock emerged victorious in their WrestleMania 28 encounter, but John Cena rebounded the following year with a win in their WrestleMania 29 rematch. Over the years, their relationship has thawed, and both wrestling legends have transitioned into Hollywood icons. The Rock, in particular, has achieved immense success as an actor and producer, while John Cena has been carving out a respectable Hollywood career of his own.

In the episode, WWE superstar Natalya recalled being present backstage during the tumultuous situation between The Rock and John Cena. She mentioned that they couldn’t even be in the same room together. Despite the intense heat between them, Natalya acknowledged that it made for great television.

The real-life animosity between The Rock and John Cena added an extra layer of intrigue to their on-screen rivalry, captivating fans and generating significant buzz both within and outside the wrestling community.

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