Dwayne Johnson Using His Daughter as Workout Prop Makes Fans React Adorably

A former wrestler and an active Hollywood actor have a lot to do in his daily life. Being there with his family is also one of the important aspects of his day.

While managing everything, he never forgets to spend quality time with his family, especially with the lovely children. From all these details, isn’t it quite clear whom we are discussing‌? Yes, we are talking about Dwayne Johnson, a loved wrestler, a passionate actor, and surely a caring father.

Everyone saw a glimpse of his love and care for his daughter in a recent video he shared on Instagram.

The video, combined with a touching caption, can leave one feeling awestruck. It led to fans reacting to it with all their love with a pinch of wittiness.

Fans react to the cutest video shared by Dwayne Johnson

In his recent post on Instagram, The Rock shared an adoring visual from his visit to his home. He mentioned his children as little tornados in the caption of the cutest post. In addition to this, he also designated them as ‘fuel’ that keeps him moving.

While doing several projects at one time, it sometimes gets pretty arduous to give appropriate time to the family. However, our superhero manages to do it by taking a night flight and appearing in front of the family at the correct time.

In the video, The Rock is doing ‘daddy curls’ which means he is making a dumble (workout prop) out of his adorable daughter. It might sound funny but is delightful to look at. It’s the former wrestler’s way of having a fun time with her daughter, mana.

If one follows The Rock through social media, one must know the actor’s fondness for his children. He is the father of three lovely daughters.

The elder daughter named Simone is his child with ex-wife Dany Garcia. The other two daughters named Jasmine and Tiana are his daughters with his wife, Lauren Hashian. So, we can say the well-known actor has mastered the art of being a ‘Girls Dad.’

Being fans, we will always look forward to more such cute videos. It’s always a pleasure to encounter a glimpse of our icon’s personal life.

Source: essentiallysports.com


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