Dua Lipa Declares ‘Suns Out Huns Out’ in Sparkly Pink ʙικιɴι Photoshoot

Dua Lipa‘s hot bikini summer rolls on. Just a few days after announcing that her black-and-white polka-dot bikini was official her 2023 “summer outfit until further notice,” the singer was back at it with another sweltering hot weather look.

“Suns out huns out,” she captioned the series of pics from a rooftop photo shoot in which she models a skimpy, sparkly pink two-piece while clutching a matching purse. The shoot with the suit featuring glittering golden straps connecting the top and bottoms finds Dua leaning on the car, arching her back and sitting on the Caddy’s hood as an unseen assistant off camera sets her long black ponytail aflight using a leaf blower.

The 9-shot reel by photographer Tyrell Hampton features Dua in a series of poses in front of an apartment building under a deep blue sky.

On Monday the singer revealed her go-to summer bikini when she posed in the polka-dot suit with butterfly and ladybug prints from her La Vacanza collection with Versace. Donatella Versace responded to the post, commenting, “An absolute BEAUTY!! This summer is ALL about La Vacanza.”

The duo announced the collection on May 4 along with the Butterfly Medusa Ring (like the suit, covered in butterflies and ladybugs) before debuting the full line at a May 23 runway show in Cannes, France. “Feeling overwhelmed with happiness and still taking in last night!” Lipa wrote after La Vacanza’s debut show. “Creating this collection with my dear dear friend @donatella_versace has been the most incredible insightful and inspiring process that I feel so lucky I got to experience… I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.”

In addition to the suit line, Dua has been promoting her single “Dance the Night,” the lead single from the soundtrack to Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie movie. She co-wrote the song with soundtrack executive producer Mark Ronson, as well as Andrew Wyatt and Caroline Ailin.


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