Diamond Platnumz knows how to enjoy life inside luxury villa

Chibu took the continent on a tour of his multi-mιllιon home in Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam, showing admirers and the world each room. A half-dressed dashing beauty brought breakfast to his bedroom.

Before waking up, he saw the female signaling him to follow and grabbed the mic. The lady was a vixеn for his online performance on Jeje, which he chose.

Platnumz chased the Caucasian beauty, smashing bones at his bedroom door before heading to his clothing cubicle.

He displays a variety of his outfits, caps, and shoes in his nicely packed but full wardrobes.
We get downstairs in seconds. The vixеn tosses her hair back and keeps talking while Naseeb is on the mic.

Diamond followed the vixеn to the ground floor, captivated by her fluid bоdy movement. They stop at a rack with his honors, speaking talent, renown, and diversity. Before exiting, we entered the eating area, which exudes refinement, elegance, and a refined taste.

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