Chandler Bing of Friends: Legend of Satire

The character Chandler Bing (played by Matthew Perry in Friends) is famous in popular culture for being a symbol of sarcasm, humor, and poignancy.
Airing since the 1990s, the influence of the television series Friends and the character Chandler Bing played by Matthew Perry has long gone beyond fans, continuing to influence popular culture and the internet. society.

After actor Matthew Perry passed away at the age of 54 on October 28, many viewers posted goodbye to him and expressed their sadness.
Chandler Bing: Friends’ satirical icon
Most audiences remember Matthew Perry through his role as Chandler Bing – one of the most beloved characters in Friends, and has taught many people about humor in life.
Fanpage Sarcasm (satire) – a large fanpage on Facebook with 48 million followers – has long had a profile picture of the character Chandler Bing.

Sarcasm posted a tribute photo when Matthew Perry passed away and wrote: “Rest in peace, king.”
In the sharing and comment sections, thousands of viewers expressed their sadness when the actor who played the “king of satire” (at least in the 1990s) passed away.
“Could he be any more memorable?” (Could he be any more memorable?) – People magazine wrote, using the famous joke “Could it be any more…?” of the character Chandler.

The saying is exaggerated, emphasizing “it can’t be any more” but at the same time full of sarcasm when raising the voice unusually on the word “be”, making every situation more funny.
In Friends, there are many situations where other characters imitate this joke.

In the book Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, actor Matthew Perry explains his comedic style:
“I read lines in ways no one expected, hitting points no one thought of. When I act, I feel like I’m back in Ottawa with my childhood friends, bringing laughter like no one else can do”.

Matthew Perry brought his real-life personality and joking style to the character of Chandler. Thanks to that, the character becomes very lively, realistic and has its own personality. Perry himself once said he wasn’t “playing Chandler”, but that he was “Chandler”.
After the movie became popular, some behind-the-scenes information was revealed so the audience learned that Matthew Perry improvised some very funny lines that were not in the script.

Behind the irony
Right from season 1 of Friends, the audience quickly realized that Chandler was the funniest guy and best at making jokes in the group of friends.
He always comes up with jokes from unexpected angles, some are very clever and even plays pranks and makes fun of others.

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Therefore, sometimes the character looks a bit mean when focusing on some of his friends’ weaknesses, but his purpose is just to bring refreshing laughter and has no bad intentions.
When Chandler and his wife Monica (Courteney Cox) move house, the neighbor happens to be his ex-girlfriend Janice. When Janice comments on how small the world is, Chandler replies, “I’ve never met Beyonce, though!”.
Chandler and his best friend Joey (Matt LeBlanc) form a mischievous duo, playing tricks, being a juggernaut but also very affectionate, bringing a lot of joy to the group of friends and the audience.

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During the 10 seasons of Friends, the character Chandler several times admitted that he had a habit of “saying stupid things” and “I joke when I feel uncomfortable”.
Chandler’s satire was never an expression of simple fun. He talks about his own sad stories in a humorous way. Sarcasm and sarcasm are his ways of showing concern for people and issues.
When Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) asks Chandler for advice about her awkward relationship with Joey, Chandler says, “I’m not good at giving advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”.

Matthew Perry: Chandler Bing's funniest moments in Friends

This statement clearly shows Chandler’s personality – also a fairly typical person in society. Humor is their way of life. No matter what the other person is talking about, that person will always respond with something funny and surprising.

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