Cat Has One Kitten Right After Coming to Shelter, Can Finally Breathe Easy When a Person Shows Up to Help

A cat had just one kitten right after arriving at a shelter. She could finally breathe easy when a person showed up to help.

Lychee and

An orange tabby cat was taken in by Animal Control after she had been found in distress by a concerned citizen. They noticed that she was in labor and rushed her to the facility where she delivered just one kitten.

After confirming that there were no more babies, shelter staff reached out to local rescue groups for help. “A shelter is very stressful for a mama cat, and sometimes they won’t care for their babies because of stress,” Ashley, director of Liberation Cat House, shared with Love Meow.

“The shelter contacted us. I had space to take her, so I picked her up right away. She was so grateful to be in a home.”

She had just one kitten shortly after arriving at the

The cat, named Lychee, immediately switched on her motor, rumbling loudly as she settled in her new room. She came nuzzling against Ashley, reaching for head scritches as if she was starved of affection.

With a quiet place, a cushy nest and plenty of good food, Lychee was in a completely different mood from when she was at the shelter. Her body eased up and her eyes relaxed.

She was so thankful to be in a

She would cradle her kitten in her arms or next to her belly ever so lovingly, but as soon as Ashley came into the room, she would swiftly rise up on her feet and vie for attention and pets.

“Since getting to know her, she’s probably the friendliest mama cat I’ve ever had. She loves everyone and greets anyone who enters the room.”

Her one and only kitten, Boba, never lacked an ounce of love. His belly was always full and his coat was kept clean and gleaming.

Lychee answered to his every whim and smothered him with affection. With all the attention dedicated to raising a single fur child, Boba grew by leaps and bounds.

At around 2-3 weeks old, he felt pep under his feet and began to put his legs to good use. He would venture around with his wobbly gait, checking out every nook and cranny.

Lychee watched him attentively roving from one side of the nest to the other. Over time, he made it all the way atop the cat tree.

Boba started to learn to

As Boba became bigger and more independent, Lychee started loosening the reins and letting him do what he wanted.

At six weeks old, Boba is a full-fledged ginger character. He is brave, inquisitive and always up for anything.

He grew by leaps and

“Thanks to his mama being so friendly, he is also friendly with humans. He loves to explore and chase his soccer ball toys.”

Lychee has rediscovered her inner-kitten as she spends more time with people. “She has adorable chirps that she does when she wants attention.”

“She is very playful, especially if you dangle a wand for her. The shelter estimated her to be only one, and she definitely has a lot of young cat energy.”

Her kitten, Boba, is learning to play with other fosters and getting plenty of feline wisdom from older kitties on how to be a cat.

Boba and his foster

“Lychee doesn’t spend nearly as much time with Boba these days. She has been gradually increasing his independence to teach him to be a big boy,” Ashley told Love Meow.

“When she is given time away from her baby, I really see her start to blossom.”

Lychee has been a wonderful mother to her kitten. “I’m looking forward to the day when she can just relax and no longer has to worry about being a mom,” Ashley added.

“Both have been very happy and healthy, and I think that’s in large part to them not having to stay in the shelter long.”

Boba is six weeks old

The sweet mama is well on her way to a future filled with snuggles. She’s ready to find that special someone to love on forever.

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