Best Short Wedge Haircuts for Chic Women

Nowadays, super stylish women don’t just opt for bob or pixie cuts. Of course, these hairstyles are trendy as well but chic women prefer wedge haircuts to enhance their stylish look. The wedge hairstyles give women a retro look and make them so beautiful and sexy. Read on and you will find the best advice as well as hot picture of the Best Short Wedge Haircuts for Women. This hairstyle work for fine and straight hair a lot and it was a very popular option in the 1970’s.

Though some women think that short wedge hairstyles are not for them, there are many women who try this look as this haircut is very refreshing. If you explore our options you will find lots of gradual layers, asymmetrical shapes, choppy cuts, wispy bangs and stacking techniques. Wedge haircut with bangs is one of the most popular choices. This is a simple yet a classy style that helps you make a statement. You can also opt for fringe and it will work with any texture.

Super short wedge haircut is perfect as well. Try this look if you need something fresh and different. You can be sure to get a neat look due to this super short wedge style. If you need something similar to the inverted bob but shorter then this is the best option. Short wedge haircut with curly top is gorgeous this year again. You cannot imagine what a beautiful retro look you will have if you choose this hairstyle. We have brought a lot of options below and each of them is unique and sassy. Explore them now and see which one can suit you perfectly.

1: Wedge Haircut

2: Layered Haircut

3: Pixie Haircut

4: Wedge Haircut for Over 60

5: Thick Hair

6: Medium Haircut

7: Undercut Hairstyle

8: Stacked Haircut

9: Bob Haircut

10: Curly Haircut

11. Micah Gianneli Short Wedge Haircut

Blonde short hair looks really chic with the wedge style. A cool look that carrying details of old and gold times.

12. Ruby Rose Wedge Haircut

She has really completely different style with her entire look. Straight black hair with wedge style pixie is quite an unusual appearence!


13. Jess Perry Short Hairstyle

Wedge cuts, generally preferred by mature women, appeal to young people with this example. Shaved sides and nape, long top brown pixie. looks really adorable, isn’t it?

14. Short Blonde Bowl Cut

15. Cool Short Wedge Haircut

16. Cute Short Hair Straight Bangs

17. Nape Wedge Bob

18. Modern Short Bob

19. Mushroom Style Wedge Haircut

20. Very Short Wedge Hairstyle Back View

21. Short Bob

22. Modern Short Pixie Style

23. Blonde Wedge Pixie

24. Cute Short Brown Hair

25. Short Stacked Wedge Haircut

26. Short Wedge Hair Woman

27. Back of Short Wedge Hair

28. Wedge Dorothy Hamill Style Haircut

29. Punky Wedge Haircut

30. Dark Brown Wedge Pixie


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