“Anomalies” Discovered Within This Mummy Worshiping A Serpent Goddess

It is just as the тιтle suggests, as a team of expert Egyptian and German archaeologists came upon an ancient necropolis in the area of Saqqara which gave them results, they weren’t even expecting to begin with.

These excavations were conducted for more than four years at the Great Mummification Workshop Complex of Dynasty 26, which is believed to be dated back to 664 to 525 BC.

It is often referred to by many as the “most important necropolis of Memphis”, south of Cairo. It was discovered in 2018 and has been a major tourist attraction ever since.

The team discovered a new burial chamber after a year of excavation.

It was hidden behind a 2,600 year-old stone wall, which housed four different wooden argophagi.

Ramadan Badri Hussein, the man who made the discovery, was identified as the one responsible. According to him, one coffin was belonging to the Didibastett Priestess.

Her funeral was unusual, to say the most. She was buried beside six canopic glᴀsses along with four jars.

The jars held her lungs, stomach, intestines, liver and other parts.

Experts believe that the bodies of priests and priestesses found near it worshiped a mysterious serpent goddess called Niut-shaes.

It was believed that she belonged to an ancient set of beliefs which essentially disappeared during the XXVI dynasty. Their bodies were found with a gold-plated, silver burial mask. This confirmed that they were glorifying the Niut Shaes goddess as this was her signature.

Source: onlinenewsplus.com

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