A Miraculous Journey: Same-Sex Couple in Thailand Welcomes Triplets via Surrogacy

Shannon Sanderson, 38, and Peter Trigg, 44, are just three months away from meeting their three beautiful girls, through a Thai surrogate mother, when a Perth couple is said to have quit dropped their disabled son Gammy in Thailand….ny

Thai embassies around the world shuttered their doors, deactivated their phones, and shut off email connections as the word spread. The Kinglake West, Victoria, couple was concerned that their ambition of starting a family may come to a stop as a result. After spending two years attempting to conceive in Australia, the couple decided that having a kid in Thailand was the best option.

The couple visited Thailand twice to check on the surrogacy process, talking to agents about the legality of the contract. They were then asked to donate sperm and waited in their showers to hear the news they so desperately wanted. They were prepared to give up after three unsuccessful IVF cycles. They were financially and emotionally spent, but miraculously, the fourth pregnancy attempt was successful, and they were ultimately blessed with a child.

We went to work one day and said to each other, “Think about it and when we get home if we both have the same answer, we’ll do it again. We go home and both of us. all had the same answer so we tried one more time and it worked….ny

They were first informed that they were expecting a single child, then two, and finally a triplet was born in the ninth week, according to an email sent to Shannon’s workplace account. We were delighted because now it’s not just one, it’s three. Our three children showed up.

However, things took an unprecedented turn when their representative was 6 months pregnant. A Perth couple who traveled to Thailand to bring surrogacy-born twins has turned the world upside down after they left their disabled son Gammy in Thailand.

Three months later, their lovely daughters Chloe, Maddison and Dior were born. After two months of filling out the paperwork, Shannon and Peter were finally able to bring their children back to Australia.

But the life of the parents is not what the couple thought. It’s much more complicated, don’t sleep for 24 hours. Their friends and family had told them that triplets would be challenging but the men didn’t realize how demanding it would be.

But having a baby is a happy thing for them, now they will balance everything together. To be able to raise their children to grow up and be healthy like other couples are doing. Because they know better than anyone else, what hardships they had to go through in order to have a child, everything is always appreciated.


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