50 Popular Pink Hair Color Ideas To Try in 2023

Embrace the bold, the beautiful, and the audacious with short pink hairstyles. Whether it’s a pastel-hued, middle-parted bob, a curly pixie with a shaved back, or a straight pink bob, these styles capture the spirit of modern trends while retaining their unique charm. From soft pastel tones to vibrant pinks, these hairstyles cater to every individual’s style, encouraging self-expression and confidence.

1: Pink Hair

Step into a whimsical world with a short, pastel pink hairstyle featuring a middle part. This playful shade of pink offers a touch of fun and femininity to your look. The middle parting adds balance and symmetry, making this a chic and modern style that’s perfect for those who love to stand out in a crowd.

2: Pixie Cut

For those seeking a combination of edgy and adorable, a short, curly pink pixie cut with a shaved back might be your perfect match. This haircut offers a blend of soft, cute curls and a daring shaved back, which together create a unique, eye-catching look. The vibrant pink color adds an extra touch of fun and youthfulness.


3: Short Hair with Bangs

Capture the essence of youthful rebellion with a short pink shag haircut with bangs. This hairstyle is perfect for the adventurous girl who loves to express herself. The shaggy layers create a fun, carefree look, while the bangs frame your face and add a touch of mystery. The pink hue adds a pop of color that’s sure to turn heads.

4: Short Curly Hair

Embrace your natural curls with a long, pink pixie cut. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want a short, manageable style that still has some length to it. The curls add a playful touch, while the pink color adds a pop of vibrancy. This hairstyle is sure to make you stand out in any crowd.

5: Short Bob

For a sleek and sophisticated look, consider a medium-length, straight pink bob. This haircut strikes a balance between edgy and elegant. The straight hair gives a polished look, while the pink hue adds a touch of whimsy. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to make a stylish statement.

6: Short Pink Hair

7: Playful Pink Tones

Pink hair is one of the latest trends in the hairstyles world, and we think it looks fantastic on short, thick hair.

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8: Short Blonde To Pink Ombre

I love this shade of pink ombre because of its contrast. It’s for that girl who is sweet but has a sassy side. It is hard yet soft. The soft beige blonde at the top isn’t something you typically see when pairing a bright, vibrant color like magenta. I think the color draws your eye to the shape of the cut and the way it’s styled.

9: Light Pink with Brown Roots

Make you grow out easier by asking your hair colorist to give you a rooted light pink balayage. Feel free to pair this rose-tinted pink hair with a bob cut for easier styling.

10: The Pink Shaggy

Another option for short hair is this shaggy cut styled in a tousled, messy mop. Top it off with hints of pink and platinum for some grungy, edgy texture. This is a great look for girls that don’t have a lot of time in the morning since it’s so simple to style.

11: Pink Stripes

Pastel pink will always be there for us, but it’s almost as ubiquitous as platinum at this point. Take a cue from the chunky highlights trend and add some bolder stripes of hot pink in the mix.

12: Short Hairstyles

13: Short Hair Color

14: Pixie Cut

15: Wavy Hair

16: Wavy Curl

17: Pastel Pink Short Hair

18: Short Light Pink Hair

19: Pink and Purple Short Hair

20: Short Pale Pink Hair

21: Black and Pink Short Hair

22: Undercut Hair

23: Short Hairstyles with Pink Highlights

24: Short Hair Color Ideas

25: Short Light Pink Hair

26: Short Pink Pastel Hair

27: Pink Balayage Short Hair

28: Pastel Pink Short Hair

29: Short Bun Hair

30: Cute Short Hair for Older Women

31: Short Hairstyles with Pink Highlights

32: Short Pale Pink Hair

33: Bob Hair Color

34: Layered Pixie Cut

35: Messy Short Hair

36: Pastel Pink Short Hair

37: Short Blonde Hair with Pink Highlights

38: Very Short Pink Hair

39: Short Blonde Hair with Pink Highlights

40: Blonde and Pink Short Hair

41: Short Light Pink Hair

42: Short Blonde Hair with Pink Highlights

43: Short Hairstyles with Pink Highlights

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44: Short Hairstyle Back View

45: Bob Hair Color

46: Pixie Cut for Women

47: Short Hair Bangs

48: Bob Haircut with Bangs

49: Cute Pixie Cut

50: Short Hair Color

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