40 Best Layered Pixie Bob Cut Ideas for a Short Crop with Movement

A pixie bob haircut is a women’s short haircut whose length ranges between a pixie and a bob (between ear-length and neck-length). For those edgy gals who don’t mind a crop, this modish cut should be a definite go!

Though short, you’ll be surprised how versatile this hairstyle is! It can go from one-length to angled, choppy and shaggy to sleek, with a full front fringe or lovely side bangs, or matched with a chic fashion color.

Ladies with the best pixies on television and who are for the cropped hair movement include Emilia Clarke, Zendaya, Mia Farrow, and Shailene Woodley. But all thanks go to the OG pixie bob queen  – Audrey Hepburn, who rocked the look with her natural locks!

Another good news is that with short hair comes less maintenance! Although if you fall too deep in love with the look, a trim visit is due monthly to keep the length at bay.

Still having second thoughts? Make that hesitation go away when you take a look at these up-to-date examples of pixie bob haircut ideas below!




#1:Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Haircut

This pixie is bold yet feminine. This is a short asymmetrical bob cut with disconnection. The sides and back are done with scissors and combover that is very tight and clean to the head. The top portion is done by point cutting at a diagonal, directing each section to the previous. The asymmetrical pixie bob style is versatile and can be worn on either side. On lazy days, she can pull the fringe back in a cute small braid or with bobby pins. What I love about this look is the confidence it gives her. She feels sexy, beautiful, and strong.

Make sure you are committed to this style. Most people have the misconception that short hair is easier. That’s usually not the case. It requires more styling, investment in good styling products, and more frequent visits to the salon. As far as products go, my go-to for short hair is Kengo Feather from Shu Uemura. It’s a great texture cream that provides excellent hold without a sticky or greasy feeling.

#2:Auburn Bixie with Long Layers

An auburn bixie with long layers is a great way to keep your hair long in the front, but short in the back. This will make your hair appear fuller yet still have some length to it. A bixie haircut is one of the most sought-after hairstyles right now because it offers the fullness a pixie gives you and the versatility of a bob. If you can, book your haircut appointment every 3-4 weeks to maintain this short, skin-tight length at the nape of your neck.

#3:Sexy Feathered Pixie Bob

You can go a variety of styles when you have a short haircut. In my experience, a feathered pixie bob gives you the best of both worlds. You have enough length to create styles from smooth to tousled. Yet, it’s short enough that you can have a put together style when you put the least amount of time in styling.

#4:Long Pixie Bob with Blonde Balayage

A long pixie bob with blonde balayage is a classy chic style that everyone will notice! Doing some heavier balayage pieces through your hair will give you beautiful dimension. I suggest styling your hair with some waves to make the blonde stand out.

#5:Messy Dark Brown Pixie Bob

When it comes to pixie bobs, wear with a messy texture to give a lived-in feel and keep things modern. Avoid cutting too short around the face and ears to keep things softer and more feminine. This also gives you more versatility. Ask for longer layers from the crown forward with texture. I recommend using a dry finishing product like a texture spray or a matte paste. Both will create definition and hold without a wet, shiny look.

#6:Lovely Tapered Bixie with Dark Roots

Consider a lovely tapered bixie with dark roots. A mixture of a bob and a pixie, a bixie is a perfect length to keep you looking soft. The ears are kept covered and they can be tucked behind for versatility. If you like the rounded back, one of the best ways to achieve this is to use a small round brush in that area. A bixie is s short classy cut that is here to stay.

#7:Soft Rose Gold Bixie

A soft rose gold bixie is a great haircut if you usually get a shorter haircut and want to try the feel of a pixie without the commitment of one. The soft rose gold is also another nice way to introduce fashion colors if you’ve never had them before. These softer tones don’t tend to last more than a week or two, so don’t forget to book your 4-6 week appointment to refresh your color and cut.

#8:Stunning Brown and Blonde Bixie

A brown and blonde bixie is the perfect contrasting hair color for women who can’t decide between having brown or blonde tones in their hair. Keeping brown at your root area will not only create depth but also make it a much easier grow-out if you have naturally brown hair. Not all blonde hair has to be high maintenance. Just ask your stylist for a balayage if you want blended blonde highlights.

#9:Brunette Pixie Bob with Long Side Bangs

Try a universally flattering style with a brunette pixie with long bangs. With my years of experience, a pixie bob is a very flattering cut on all faces and textures. You can customize the pixie bob in so many different ways. Allowing you to make it the perfect haircut for you.

#10:Soft Brunette Long Pixie Bob Cut

Fine through thick densities can wear a long pixie bob cut. Instead of a stacked style, this embraces shorter pieces for an edgy finish. Make sure you find a stylist that specializes in razor cutting and/or short haircuts for the best experience.

#11:Red Stacked Bixie with Layers

One of the best short crops is the stacked bixie with layers. This eye-catching haircut and red color will look gorgeous on you if you are looking for a longer pixie and a color change.

#12:Textured Pixie Bob with Bangs and Sideburns

Add sideburns to your textured pixie bob with bangs for a nice wispy flair. A pixie can be tailored to suit your face shape by adding texture and movement in the right places. Adding some wispy sideburns will help to frame the face. Bangs can be worn straight across or pushed to the side when cut longer with texture.

#13:White Blonde Layered Pixie Bob

Blonde pixie bobs with layers are always a classic look! Ask your stylist to add some disconnected layering to add more texture and movement. A pixie bob will always be easy to style using a blow dryer and flat brush against the round of the head. You can round brush the top and front if more volume is needed. Always finish with a texture cream or spray to add definition.

#14:Pixie Bob Haircut for Older Women

A pixie bob haircut looks best on older women and can be cut to require less maintenance. You only need some light blow dry styling using a flat brush and the round of the head to create volume and movement. Once dry, use some paste or pomade to add piece-y ness /texture. This cut can be done symmetrically or asymmetrically for more flair.

#15:Neck-Length Tapered Pixie Bob

A neck-length tapered pixie bob is the perfect low-maintenance cut. The short back will keep the hair off your neck and cool you off, while the long front gives you some fun length to play with.

#16:Layered Pixie Bob

This haircut’s layered pieces make for a great tousled edgy look.

My advice for anyone seeking to get a similar haircut is to be prepared to style it out. I like to compare this haircut to getting a fringe (bangs) because to keep it looking in shape and easy to style, frequent trips to the salon for maintenance work is required.

This haircut is detailed, so hair type, texture, and growth patterns become magnified and are an important part of the end results. Styling may be a little challenging for those who have cowlicks, however, with great styling products such as pomades, working hairspray, and smoothing serum, most haircuts can become pretty easy to style. For lazy or active days, headbands and Bobby pins become your best friend.

#17:Inverted Pixie Bob for Women Over 60

An inverted pixie bob for women over 60 is an amazing style to try. The silhouette that this cut creates is extremely flattering and will make you look and feel amazing. Make sure you’re using a heat protectant, like Moroccan Oil Perfect Defense, when styling your hair.

#18:The Bixie Cut

If you’re thinking about a pixie bob, opt for a bixie cut. For round and square face shapes a bixie cut, or pixie bob, will balance out your feature. Ask for an asymmetrical part and long pieces on the side-swept bang in the front. This creates an illusion of softer elongated features. Add short edgy texture in the back to compete the pixie look and give you body and roundness through the crown.

#19:Choppy Pixie Bob for Fine Hair

There’s something about a fine chop that feels and looks so liberating. This one is for those who are always on the move but still find time to let loose.

#20:Shaggy Pixie Bob Cut

As short as it is, long layers make it fit for a bob as well. Show off your hair color and texture while keeping a fresh look.

#21:Flattering Bob for a Round Face

Rounded pixie cut with side bangs frames the face to appear narrower. Really does it for a sharper cheek area.

#22:Pixie Bob with Bangs

These are gorgeous blunt bangs on a pixie bob. The short A-line bob haircut, the runway’s style brought to everyday life.

#23:Short and Messy Bixie Hairstyle

Opt for a shaggy pixie bob cut that is heavily textured! Some sea salt spray and teasing action will make this gorgeous bixie hairstyle shine.

#24:Bob with a Long Side Part

Now you won’t sacrifice length when getting a shorter cut! Loos locks on the face can create a softening effect and balance the sharp edges of a pixie bob.

#25:Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

A pixie bob haircut for thick hair will give more cut and styling options. Certainly kept the length while having a relatively short cut.

#26:Bob for Naturally Curly Hair

This curly pixie bob cut is the result of the lady growing out her previously very short hair. It’s longer than a pixie cut but also not yet a bob. It’s fun, voluminous, and easy.

For those of us fortunate enough to be given beautiful curls, this is perfect if you just want to shampoo and air dry with minimal product use. The upkeep is easy, and it’s suitable for all ages but naturally thick. The curly texture is important in achieving this look.

#27:Perfect Bob for Black Hair

Q&A with style creator, Stevie CookHairstylist @ Indigo Salon & Spa in San Diego, CA

How would you describe this look?

This look is a very feminine and soft “overgrown” or long pixie cut. It has soft lines and a long fringe area so someone who is perhaps a little afraid to go short will feel like they still have a little length to play with.

It can be worn parted on either side or styled back or messier which is my favorite thing about this look. Anyone can wear this and still have styling options. It’s great for any face shape or hair texture.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Absolutely go for it! I love this cut so much. Any face shape can have this look, but if you have a rounder face shape, I would make the fringe a bit more choppy and a little shorter than the jawline.

This look does not require a lot of styling, so it’s great if you are active or work out a lot or if you want to look cool and a bit edgy with little effort.

A light mousse is great to blow dry in for volume and finish with a creme wax for definition and separation. This look will absolutely work for short curly hair as well.

#28:Edgy Textured Pixie Bob

Opt for a long textured pixie cut. This cut is so fun because there is a lot you can do with it. You can wear it sleek or sassy. It’s one of those pixie cuts that can be so versatile.

You should have the time in your day to make for styling. Styling takes minimal time, but with short hair, it needs to be styled, or else it just doesn’t look good.

Make sure that you looking for a cut like this finds a stylist who is confident in cutting short hair so that she can give you a complimentary haircut!

#29:Short Pixie Bob

This is a layered pixie bob. The longer length in the front and sides of her hair adds femininity, while the short tapered back removes unnecessary bulk and shows off her beautiful neckline. The highlights add a beautiful dimension that really makes the hair pop.

This cut lets you have fun with a bunch of different looks. Before you commit to it, make sure you understand your texture, thickness, and face shape. You want a cut that highlights your best features.

To get the look in the photo – Blow dry with your fingers first, and lift as you direct the warm air close to the root/base to create volume. Finish off with a round brush for softness and control. Apply a molding wax throughout that’s lightweight. It should have enough control to shape without making the hair look stiff.

To create a sleek, evening look – Apply gel with a strong to medium hold on damp hair and comb back or with a deep side part.

To create a face-framing look – Blow dry towards the face (not away) then finish with a light serum or pomade.

To create a mohawk or pompadour look – Blow dry with fingers first. Lift and direct air at the root for volume. Use a round brush on the crown area away from the face. Afterward, set a couple of 1.5″ velcro rollers. Roll hair back for a few minutes on top – only when necessary for extra volume. Slick down the sides with a texturing cream or paste and finger excess product through the crown. Finish off with hairspray for extra hold and control.

This haircut can be fun for anyone who loves versatility or just having a short layered cut.

#30:Long Pixie Bob

Opt for long pixie bobs if you want a change. Just take into consideration how much time you spend on your hair. A long pixie bob is typically easy maintenance.

Styling products are probably the major factor to create a stylish pixie bob. Use the best shampoo, conditioner, hair paste or wax, and heat protectant.

If you’re hesitant, just go for it! A good haircutter will be able to adjust what type of pixie hairstyle that suits you best.

#31:Gorgeous Pixie Back View

Go for a haircut that is versatile, like an undercut pixie bob. You could wear it on both sides and in the middle. It’s clean, fun, and edgy all at the same time. This haircut is a high-maintenance haircut where you should get it cleaned up every 6-8 weeks in order to keep the shaping of the cut. This cut is great if you have a face shape that is oval, square, and round, and is ideal if you have finer hair and would like a little more volume. All you need is to add a little mousse, round brush, and 5 minutes to blow dry, and you are done.

#32:Pixie Bob with Layers

For a seamless transition to short hair try a pixie bob with layers. A pixie bob is a perfect cut for women looking to transition into a more mature style and the layering can help make it easier to style. A pixie bob can be quite easy to style and maintain but often it does require at least some small amount of daily styling. Maintenance appointment needs can vary based on how clean and fresh you like your haircut to look. Those who prefer a clean cut appearance will likely need more trim and shaping appointments than those who prefer a more relaxed and lived-in style.

#33:Stacked Pixie Bob Style

A stacked pixie bob style is perfect for women who want to change up their usual bob or pixie. This style keeps the face-framing of a chin-length bob intact while chopping the back like a pixie. Stacked pixie bobs are a hybrid style that women with short hair will love.

#34:Blonde Pixie Bob for Women Over 50

A blonde pixie bob is perfect for women over 50 who want to keep an uplifted and fresh hairstyle. A pixie bob is low-maintenance, easy to style, and brings lots of volume to fine hair while keeping a trendy and simple style. Graduation around the nape can elongate the neck and keep stubborn hairs near the bottom of the head neat and tidy.

#35:Short Platinum Bixie Hairstyle

Try a short platinum bixie hairstyle if you’re wanting something on the more fun side. Bixie, a bob and pixie haircut mashed together, is heavily chopped and layered, giving intense face-framing ends. The length is longer than a pixie, but shorter than a bob, and is often styled with feathered and piecey ends.

#36:Tousled Brunette Pixie Bob

You can’t go wrong with a tousled brunette pixie bob. This style is classic, easy to manage, and always looks fabulous. This cut is especially flattering for those of you wanting to draw attention to your neck and jawline.

#1:Pale Blonde Highly Stacked Bob

Go for a trendy haircut with a pale blonde highly stacked bob. If you want massive volume at your crown a stacked bob is one of the best haircuts to get. Remember that your stacked haircut does require some styling. You’ll have to style using a round brush and blow dryer to make your haircut sit correctly.

#2:Silver High Stacked Bob with Triangular Graduation

If you are looking for a shortcut, ask for a stacked a-line with triangular graduation. It’s the best hairstyle for older ladies looking to make a stylish impression. I love its sleek and modern shape. This will create a flattering silhouette that will have you looking your best. To keep the look fresh and modern, style with Kenra Clear Paste.

#3:Golden Brown High-Stacked Bob with Blunt Fringe

A warm-colored a-line cut with full bangs is the perfect way to show off thick hair! The layers create volume and movement while the fringe hides a wider forehead. To style, use a blow dryer and a round brush to create lift at the roots. If you have naturally straight hair, you need to use a flat iron to create a sleek. Or a root lift like Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus plus for maximum volume. Your stylist can also razor underneath each layer to give the highest stack possible.

#4:Pretty Blonde Stacked Bob with Layers

A pretty blonde stacked bob with layers is one of the best cuts for a professional look. The boldness of the cut and the sleekness of the styling is always classic. Avoid waiting too long between visits with your stylist as this cut does need regular trimming to keep the shape just right. Style with a mousse for volume and hold. Use a blow dryer and round brush, or flat brush if you prefer.

#5:The Perfect High Stacked Maroon Bob

High-stacked bobs are one of the easiest ways to add instant volume to a haircut. If you struggle with volume, ask your stylist if this would be the right cut for you. This cut does work best with fine-medium hair textures.

#6:Tousled Bob Cut on Dark Hair

Consider a tousled bob cut on dark hair if you love rocking a dramatic and messy hairstyle. A choppy tousled bob is fun and flirty, but can also be styled straight and sleek for a more professional approach. Use a root lift spray before blow-drying and blow-dry your hair in the opposite direction you want it to lay for that extra bounce and body. A side part will help emphasize that body and texture. Once your hair is dry, add in a couple of messy curls, then spray a texture spray to finish!

#7:High Stacked Layers on Short Blonde Hair

Short blonde hair with high stacked layers is a great way to get effortless volume and tons of texture. It’s a great cut for someone with flat hair struggling to get their desired style. A stacked bob with layers requires 4-6 weeks of maintenance.

#8:Jaw-Length Stacked Haircut with Side Bangs

Try a stacked haircut with bangs at jaw length for a chic and flattering look. The length takes minimal time to style and always makes you look put together. A short stacked inverted bob with bangs typically looks great with any face shape, but ask your stylist when opting for a stacked chop.

#9:Long Stacked Bob with Choppy Ends

Ask your stylist for choppy ends on a long stacked bob to give your stacked style more of an edge. A choppy layered haircut is more flattering with darker hair colors, giving them more movement and dimension. If Victoria Beckham is your style icon, a stacked lob is for you.

#10:Stacked Bixie Cut for Wavy Hair

A stacked bixie cut for wavy hair removes weight and enhances the natural curl pattern. If you struggle with your natural hair try short stacked haircuts or a pixie cut for a great shape and poppin’ curls.

#11:Short Copper Bob with Stacked Layers

Stacked layers on a short copper bob add more dimension on top of the already gorgeous color. Medium stacked haircuts don’t require as much maintenance as shorter bobs, but haircuts are recommended every 6-8 weeks, along with a color refresh. Use a defining whip or wax after styling for additional texture.

#12:Layered Stacked Bob for Gray Hair

A layered stacked bob is great for gray hair that is falling flat and feeling boring. Side-swept bangs are great for a playful, youthful style. These elements together will give you endless options.

#13:Stacked Wedge Bob Haircut

A stacked wedge bob haircut is a classic style that will work well for any and all hair types. The cut is great for women looking for a smooth, sleek style by day and a sassy, textured style by night. Short stacked hairstyles are notorious for being versatile in regards to creating high volume and texture. Depending on how you style your haircut, you can recreate so many different effortless looks.

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