19+ Cute Bob Hairstyles in 2023

One hairstyle that has always being and will always be in style is the bob hairstyle. If you are looking for a haircut that will stand the test of time, then we’ll definitely recommend the bob.

We’ve rounded up some gorgeous bob hairstyles. Hope you find one that inspires your next hair cut.


The side bob haircut

With side bob haircut, there’s a parting at the side of the hair. And usually, one side is fuller with hair than the other.

  • side bob hairstyle
  • side bob haircut
  • side bob haircut
  • side bob haircut

Short bob hairstyles

The short bob is also another way to go. It is featured with a bob haircut at chin length. It works for both thick and fine hair.

Short bob with bangs

You can also go for a short bob with bangs.

Angled bob

With angled bob hairstyles, the hair is shorter at the back and as it gets to the front it gets longer.

Inverted bob

An inverted bob is similar to an angle bob as it features short hair at the back and long strands at the front. But the difference here is that, the inverted bob is tapered at the back and it features stacked layers.

Curled under bob

This is a bob hairstyle where the hair is curled under at the end. It can either be chin length or shoulder length.

Shoulder length bob

With a shoulder-length bob, the hair is cut to the shoulder level or just above the shoulder.

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